In TEXT 104: Pattern Drafting, Draping and Design, the student will be introduced to pattern drafting, styling and draping on the dress form for read -to-wear, wearable art clothing and accessories. Emphasis will be on the design and construction of patterns for costume, fashion and wearable art. The student will learn to create patterns, transfer patterns to paper, make adjustments and alterations, transfer patterns to traditional and contemporary materials and construct garments. Special attention will be paid to design, creativity, creative problem solving, construction and craftsmanship.

This course provides information to assist the emerging craftsperson, designer, and maker in developing skills for selling their work in a commercial context.  A variety of approaches will cover three broad areas of study: management, business, and marketing.

This is a basic drawing course designed to give students a background and experience in the fundamentals of drawing as a basic visual communication.  Through exercises and assignments, the student will learn to use drawings as a tool to record a concept, manipulate, develop, communicate and refine those concepts.

To introduce students to the elements and principles of design through a series of two and three dimensional design projects which place an emphasis on creative problem solving. Critical analysis and discussion will have an important role in all aspects of developing a visual vocabulary. Throughout course projects and personal research, students will investigate the process of design and the relevance it has to their studio practice, and their personal development.

This course is an introductory study of the principles and application of colour and imagery on cloth utilizing resist techniques, block printing and silkscreen printing with dyes and pigments. 

Ethnographic explorations will be the beginnings of this class with time-honoured hand felting techniques extending into the development of contemporary applications.

All explorations in this course will occur in the context of the study of pattern and plane symmetries and textile design as well as the application of dye technology.

This course addresses contemporary visual language and form. Students will investigate the use of new and familiar materials, exploring 2 and 3 dimensional works through exercises and projects within a contemporary mix media vein.

This course gives the student an opportunity to develop a self-directed body of work. In consultation with the studio instructors students are encouraged to work independently, pursuing areas of personal interest.  Students submit an application outlining what they intend to work on in the self-directed studio course.