2021 - 2022

Wheel 1 is an introduction to working on the wheel. Contemporary methods of altering forms, surface treatments, and handbuilt additions will be emphasized.

Students in Hand Forming 1 will be introduced to basic hand forming techniques as well as simple molds and extruded work. The emphasis is on designing and producing innovative forms.

Introduction to Glaze Technology and Surface Treatment is an introduction to glaze chemistry and formulation.  Students will develop their own personal glaze palette using the raw materials that make up commercial glazes.  Other surface treatments covered will include slips, under glaze and screen printing.

This is a basic drawing course designed to give students a background and experience in the fundamentals of drawing as a basic visual communication.  Through exercises and assignments, the student will learn to use drawings as a tool to record a concept, manipulate, develop, communicate and refine those concepts.

TEXT 135: Dye Technology II is an introductory study of the principles and application of colour and imagery on fibre utilizing block printing and silkscreen printing with dyes, pigments, and colour removers (discharge).

TEXT137: Surface and Structure introduces students to silkscreening and wet felting. The silkscreening section focuses on creating repeat patterns utilizing a variety of dyes, chemicals, and natural material. The felting section introduces students to traditional felting techniques within a contemporary context, with an emphasis on creating felted yardages that combine a variety of techniques to create pattern and texture on felted cloth.